Jacob Kowalski is WHO?!

This is a super old post that I wanted to make into a video. But I thought this was a really funny idea when I came up with it and some of my friends actually believed this theory. And I still kind of do. So keep reading and laugh along with me. With the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (aka Fantastic Beasts 3) this theory ignited my theory even more! 

Alright, let’s start this off by saying. I. AM. 100% WRONG. So don’t go in the comments and prove me wrong. Because… I know I am. But let me put on my Super Carlin Bros hat on and stretch my theory a little bit.

I will try not to say anything spoiler-ish about this movie. But it’s been literally so long since the movie came out, so if you haven’t seen it yet and you’re complaining… Get out of here! No one asked you to spoil yourself!


Ok so, this is my theory… Jacob is Hagrid’s dad. Insert boo’s here.

jacob(Jacob looking stunned, just like you are)

But Mary: Hagrid’s dad was a wizard.
But Mary; Jacob isn’t a wizard.
But Mary:

To that I say. Relax. Guess what? I said I was wrong but go with me on this.

Image result for jacob kowalski grindelwald poster

In this poster, Jacob is holding an umbrella, it seems like he is holding it… like some sort of… weapon?? Possibly like a wand?? Possibly… like his son?? This has been completely debunked for the 2nd movie, Crimes of Grindelwald but could possibly be reignited because of the 3rd movie’s trailer, where JACOB IS SEEN BEING GIFTED A WAND BY NEWT / DUMBLEDORE!!!! This might be an easter egg for us Harry Potter fans if he USES AN UMBRELLA to hide it! 

Alright so let’s dissect this for a few seconds …timeline wise, this can possibly be true. Hagrid was born in 1928. Grindlewald takes place in 1927 right after Fantastic Beasts. My theory is still strong. Jacob could have easily found a giantess and knocked her up. Plus, we don’t know the gestation period of a giant. It literally could be one day for all we know. (A little creepy, but you get what I’m saying)


At the end of Fantastic Beasts, we see him making those cute little pastries, alluding to the fact that the magic on him, didn’t work. So, obviously he’s immune or something (or magical, There’s a great video backing this theory up from the Carlin Brothers!). And ok, they talk about this in Grindlewald. Jacob says it didn’t work because none of his memories were bad. Ok, sure. But I wonder if Jacob is magical in some sort of way. 

MAYBE just MAYBE, Jacob wasn’t magical enough for him to attend Ilvermorny. Maybe they have rules saying you need to have a certain percentage of magical? Just like how nonmagical folk can’t marry magical folk?! Why would a SPELL not work for a MUGGLE. Shouldn’t spells work 100% of the time? That is some bad magicianship if it doesn’t work all the time! That is why I think the spell didn’t work. Jacob just needed a little help from Queenie to bring his memories back 100%! 

Another small attempt to piece my theory together: So, Jacob’s parents were muggles, right? They could have easily thrown out the letter from Ilvermorny. And yes, you can say stuff like “well, they didn’t let Harry’s acceptance letter get thrown away” But yeah, that was in the 90s. Plus, Harry’s the “chosen” one and pretty much grand-fathered into getting his letter to Hogwarts. They’re more sophisticated now. Just how Creedence’s powers went untapped. Maybe Jacobs? But Mary, Jacob isn’t an obsurial! Well, you got me there.

BUT! What if Jacob doesn’t have that much magic. What if he’s just a teeny magical? And Newt helps him with his powers by disguising a wand in a broom… and that’s how they thought of Hagrid’s idea about the wand!

But Mary, Jacob’s last name is Kowalski, not Hagrid. Yeah but he could have easily changed his name.

And then we have Queenie, oh Queenie. She totally left Jacob for Grindelwald’s creepy attempt to become Voldemort. I’m pretty sure Queenie will sacrifice herself for Jacob once she realizes that Grindelwald is not the man she thinks he is! 

Another theory that adds onto this, Jacob is just Hagrid’s adoptive father. I can definitely see Jacob taking in a half-giant kid and raise him after the heartbreak of Queenie. Jacob gives Hagrid a nice life and doesn’t tell him his real name nor that he is not Hagrid’s true father. It doesn’t matter to him because in his eyes, he is his real father! Plus, Hagrid’s love for animals and creatures had to come somewhere, right? UNCLE NEWT TO THE RESCUE! Maybe in the final movie, they will add a scene where Rubeus Hagrid is 11 years old, going off to Hogwarts and Newt gives him a little present…. an Acromantula… and then that’s where our story starts, kids!!! 

I’ll get down from my soap box and let you stew in this for a while, you are welcome for the head ache! 

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